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Every Day Lives

Will You Marry Me?

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New Beginnings

Old Times Sorta

Life Sucks

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The current story for reading is "Every Day Lives". Which you can find a link to on your left. The story contained on this site may contain material that is not intended for younger readers. So if your under the age of 15 please get your parents permission before reading. I do not wish to get e-mails from parents concered with what their children may have read. Thank You.

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Hi Everyone,


I have episode 2 to Girl Friends posted, Brave New World. You can watch here on the site or go to youtube and watch it, don't forget to rate and review. 



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Hi Everyone, after a month off of the web I am back on *yeah*. But I just want to let everyone know that I have decided to reduce the number of updates to one per month. Not because I have lost intrest in the game, but because I am homeschooling two of my children, as well as getting ready for baby number 5 in Nov. So I have my plate full right now. Also I think this once a month updating will be better for me and you, my readers. Since I will be able to take my time and add more to each update than before, I won't feel as rushed and presured to get the update up and out to you. I want this site to be a high quality story site for the sims, not just something slaped to gether. I hope you truly understand. I want my fans to enjoy what they are reading and I want to be proud of what I'm sending out for you with each update. I'm hoping to have the next update done within two weeks. The reason behind this is 1] I had to wipe out my whole system due to a virus and install XP, and 2] all my sim cds are over my best friend's house. So I will have to wait for her to mailt hem to me, and 3] I have to reinstall all 6 of my cds with all my simmy stuff,lol. So bear with me and I will try my best to have the update done. If not this month then next month!


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